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Free-flight in Australia, the worlds biggest island - a continent as large as mainland Europe and offering some exceptional paragliding opportunities for local and international paraglider pilots. Arguably, the best in the world!

With, in our opinion, the best year round weather suitable for paragliding, there's always a flatland, inland mountain range or coastal ridge that's flyable somewhere, whether foot launching or being towed.

To gain entry into Australia, international visitors need to have passports in their possession with at least six months of validity and appropriate visas (if required). Visa enquiries can be made at an Australian embassy or consulate nearest your domicile.

To legally paraglide in Australia, pilots must be formally trained and certified, must be a current member of an Australian paragliding club and an active member of the governing body, the Hang-gliding Federation of Australia (HGFA).

The HGFA requires that all visiting international pilots carry documentation establishing credentials and experience to act as pilot in command of a paraglider, with preference given to the IPPI card issued by the pilot's respective paragliding governing body. Visiting international pilots must also pay a visiting pilot membership fee to the HGFA. This fee includes four months associate membership to the HGFA, issue of an interim Australian pilots certificate and a visiting pilots information pack.

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When entering into Australia, customs may insist on seeing your paragliding boots. Not because they're fashion conscious, but quarantine laws require it. Clean your boots of all dirt and soil before they are packed for travel, otherwise they may be confiscated and fumigated.

"you haven't seen a tree, until you've seen its shadow from the sky"

Amelia Earhart

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