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Many paraglider pilots travel the world in their free time, nearly always planning their holidays around the sport. For that reason, Flying Fysh has undertaken to make Australian and international paragliding sites available to anyone, anywhere. As a start, we�re putting dedicated pages online with detailed descriptions and photographs for your perusal.

This section will always be a work in progress, so please check back from time to time. The list of paragliding sites will grow as we discover more and more worthy of promoting - and your contributions are always more than welcome.

Whilst abroad, the best courtesy you can pay your fellow pilot in the air is to fly responsibly and be mindful of the rules. Remember, flight rules are international, even if you share the skies with a pilot whose spoken language is not! It is the responsibility of the prospective pilot in command to ensure that they are properly briefed on local requirements and conditions.

If planning a trip overseas, consider that almost all international airlines will afford an extra 20 kilograms for your paragliding equipment, on top of the usual baggage allowance. For free! All you have to do is ask. Not the check-in counter staff as you leave the country but the agent who takes the initial booking. Get the agent working on it, and above all else, get it in writing!

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Can we help you get to and fly Australian and overseas paragliding sites? We can offer you all the necessary guidance to fly across countries at flyingfysh.com!


Paragliding launch sites world wide are often shared with hang-gliders, as are dedicated landing zones. Be mindful, be courteous.

"it's wonderful to climb the liquid mountains of the sky...

behind me and before me is God and I have no fears"

Helen Keller

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