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Operating since 1987, High Adventure is an international free-flight training centre situated at the base of North Brother Mountain in Laurieton, on the pristine holiday coast of New South Wales, 4 hours drive north of Sydney.

With over a dozen inland mountain and coastal flying sites within 30 minutes drive of Laurieton, High Adventure offers a unique location both here in Australia and the world.

Owned and operated by chief flying instructor Lee Scott , he and his personally selected team will guide you into the world of paragliding, offering packages to suit your dreams and desires. Be it a full license course or a one day activity, they cater for all needs.

High Adventure fly and teach all year round due to the areas moderate weather. The holiday coast was voted to have the best all year round climate in Australia by government researchers at the CSIRO.

High Adventure

Level 2, Suite 2, 65 Bold Street

Laurieton, New South Wales 2443

Check out the High Adventure website or contact us for more information.

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As a general rule, whenever you find yourself flying below launch height, start making your way toward the landing zone.

"man must rise above the Earth, to the top of the atmosphere and beyond... for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives"


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